July 19, 2011

Migrate your personal Facebook profile into a business page!

Change your personal Facebook Profile into a business page

Do you have a personal Facebook page and you don’t want it anymore? You can now change your profile into a business page and start social networking!

When I first started using Facebook, I found it just as confusing as the next person. I accidently created a personal profile for my business instead of creating an actual official business page. When I realised it was against Facebook policy to have two accounts, I had to go to the trouble of shutting down my existing personal account. Some of you may already know, that this isn’t easy!

I was glad to hear that recently, Facebook has made some changes and now allows personal profiles to be converted into Business Pages! This will help all those people, like me, who accidently started a personal profile for their business.

The new “Profile to Business Page Migration” tool will help you “migrate” your personal profile account into a new business page and the good news is, it claims to convert all your friends into Fans. So you won’t need to start from scratch again. Your profile pictures will be transferred but you will lose other content such as photos, wall posts etc. To get around losing this important information, you can download a backup copy before you use the migration tool. Visit the “Download your information” Facebook help page for more information about this.

For more information on how to change your personal profile to a business page, visit the Converting your profile into a page in the Facebook Help where you will find instructions on how to get started.

Facebook Help Page

A word of warning, if you have a very popular personal page it might be unwise to do the migration without reading further into Facebook’s documentation, lest you do something wrong and lose all those friends!

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  1. Facebook has a big role in marketing. Creating fan page is one of it.

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