July 19, 2011

How to create a business facebook page, not a personal profile!

How to create a Facebook business page

Not all of us want to have a personal Facebook page. Rather, you may just want a business page to promote your business online and have the opportunity for social networking with your customers. In this post I will explain how you can start an official business page without having a personal profile.

Unfortunately, Facebook was originally designed for personal profiles and that is what they are all about! Due to the demand, Facebook have since introduced the business page and it is becoming ever increasingly popular and is proving to be a great marketing tool for business. However, Facebook is not set up to make it evident how to create such a page, although they have improved this over the years, there still seems to be a lot of confusion about how to setup a business account.

Facebook is very strict about people having multiple accounts and it is against their policy. You cannot have a personal page and a business page at the same time. This makes it tricky, it appears that Facebook’s main aim is to direct people to create a personal profile and you can easily fall into this trap when you sign up, simply because of the way the website is designed. If you already have a personal Facebook profile and you don’t want it any more, Facebook has a new feature that will help. Read my blog post “Migrate your Personal Facebook Profile into Business page!”.

To create a business page, you must be an official representative of the business or organisation. If that’s you, then follow these steps to get your business on Facebook!

Step 1
On the Facebook home page, DO NOT FILL OUT THE SIGN UP FORM. This will give you a personal account. Instead click on the tiny link at the bottom of the page “Create a Page” (see image below) or click on this direct link:

Facebook home page

Step 2
Now you can begin creating your page.

a. Select the category that best describes your business or organization. Facebook provides a wide variety of business and organisation types.

b. A box will appear which allows you to choose further classifications.

c. READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Make sure your OK with Facebook’s terms and be aware, they do change their terms & conditions often.

d. Click “Get Started”

Step 3
A sign-up page will appear.

a. Select “I do not have a Facebook account” and enter your business email address and other details. Note: Facebook will not allow standard business email addresses such as or If you do not want to use your personal business email, you can always create a unique email address especially for your Facebook page.

b. Click “Sign up now” and you will be sent an email to verify your email address & new account.

Facebook Business Page Signup

Congratulations you now have a business Facebook page!
For more information about Facebook business pages. Visit the Facebook Help Page.

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