July 14, 2011

the secret to creativity!

The secret to creativity
Ever wondered what goes on in your graphic designer’s head? Do you wish you knew how they come up with their creative ideas? Their ideas just magically appear, right? Have you doubted the cost of a design project and the time it took? After all an idea doesn’t take long to spring into ones mind, or does it?

Let me share a little secret… there’s a lot more to it than you might think…

It is true, great graphic designers are usually naturally artistic and have that creative flair. They might enjoy drawing, painting or other creative pursuits other than design. Is being a great designer an inherited gene? Or is it a gift from above?

In ancient times, people believed that a creative individual whose gifts set them apart was born with a guardian spirit called ‘a creative genius’ who followed them wherever they went and helped them with their creative endeavours. Freaky, huh? They also linked creativity to madness!!! Mmm…not sure I like that one!

The truth is good graphic designers have other skills you may not be aware of and I don’t mean being a whiz on the computer! A good designer is a visual communicator. Unfortunately, these days the word ‘design’ is often mistaken for ‘style’, the way something looks, and there are inexperienced designers out there that focus on just that (and charge you a fortune!) Sad but true.

Sure, no one likes ugly, but good design is not just about making things “look nice” it’s about telling a story, sending a message and communicating to the right people visually, because 80% of all communication is visual, hey.

So how do designers communicate ‘visually’? By following a strategic and well thought out process. A process? That seems harder than magic or a gift from a creative genius?… Yes, it is.

“Math is easy; design is hard.”— Jeffrey Veen

Through this process, a designer can solve the problem your business presents and provide a solution with a holistic and strategic approach. Good design is about meeting your objectives and it gives measureable results. It creates a better response from just “I like it’ to ‘I want to buy it!’

“Design is creativity with strategy” – Rob Curedale

In following posts I will reveal to you our design process and the creative strategy that makes our designs work. I will also share, how you as a client can get the most of this process and how you can set up objectives for a successful design project because it involves you!

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