November 2, 2010

the “fair go” office – (2) internet fax

In our design business we have a principle which we call fair go. We believe a “fair go” should be given to the world we live in. In this series of posts I’m sharing some things we do that not only provide a fair go, but in some cases actually save our business money.

(2) internet fax (fax-to-email)

How much does it cost to offer a fax number to your clients? For us it was $30 line rental a month, plus the $70 setup fee, plus a fax machine that is constantly switched on and using power in case someone decides to send you something. *sigh*
We have to have a reliable fax system in our business because clients fax through artwork contracts all the time. So we switched to a fax-to-email system where clients send through a fax to a local number but we receive it via email as a PDF attachment. We can send faxes the same way, email-to-fax for 15 cents a page.

No line rental, no paper, no fax machine, no electricity, no engaged tones for clients, we didn’t even have to buy the phone number! Ours costs $10 a month, no setup fee, and we get a local number, which is important to our clients. You could also port in an existing fax number for a fee.

Some options out there are (our choice) | |

No paper and no electricity means a fair go on the eco side of things, and best of all it saves you money.

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