October 20, 2010

the “fair go” office – (1) CIS

In our design business we have a principle which we call fair go. Fair go is an Aussie tradition of giving your mates fair treatment, fair wages, fair working conditions … fair go mate! We believe a “fair go” should be given to the world we live in (after all WE have to live in it), and people in developing countries who are struggling to make a crust also deserve a fair go. It’s bigger than “green” or “eco”, it centres around people so we call it a fair go.
In this series of posts I’m sharing some things we do that not only provide a fair go, but in some cases actually save our business a stack of money. So here are some essential items in the “fair go” office.

(1) Continuous Ink System (CIS)

Don’t you love forking out $30 for those tiny little ink cartridges for your inkjet printer. How many does yours take? 4 … 5 … 6? No change out of $100 to replace a set of those, and you know how much ink you are getting for you buck? 10mills! Not only that, but your printer is programmed to reject the cartridge before it is completely dry! So you are constanly forking out and chucking out those little plastic suckers.
A CIS is an ink tank connected by tubes to your inkjet printer. Nothing to throw out; say goodbye to those little cartridges!
Our business is design, so printing is important and quality must be good. The system we bought ( was at the top end at $160. It came with 100ml of ink for each of the colours (about 50 cartridges worth).
When you run out of an ink, which we haven’t yet in 12 months, you buy the ink bottle top-up and get 100mL of ink for a third the price you would buy a 10mL cartridge for. So far we can’t pick a difference in quality.
Not throwing out plastic printer cartridges means a fair go on the world environment.
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