June 16, 2012

Is your website iPhone friendly?

More Aussie kids today know how to use a smartphone than can tie their shoes! So how does your website fare when viewed on a mobile device? The latest free Google service has the answer for you! It’s called Gomo.

You might be wondering what the big deal is. Your iPhone surfs the web just like your laptop, right? So won’t your webpage look exactly the same, maybe a tad smaller? Actually, there’s a good chance it wont.

All internet browsers have their own little quirks when it comes to how they display websites. One reason that most web developers despise Internet Explorer is that for years we’ve had to do extra work to make your website look the same in IE browsers as it does everywhere else. (He groans!) Viewing a webpage in an email client like Outlook has more problems still, as that application has even less ability to display a webpage the way it is intended.

So what about smart phones?

Virtually every type of mobile device has its own internet browser. Unlike the internet browser you might be using on your laptop, these are cut down versions of software designed to run on these smaller, less powerful devices. That means there are limits to what they can display and each one is different, so achieving consistency across all smartphones is a real challenge.

Some of the no-no’s for smart phones are lots of images, videos or animations, use of flash, and a page layout that means people have to scroll and zoom all over the place. Oops … most websites are designed for big screens and precise mouse clicks, whereas an iPhone-friendly website needs to be thumb-friendly and easily viewable on a small screen.

So how does your website you rate? Now there’s an easy way to tell. Click here to visit Google’s Gomo-meter and enter your website’s address or URL. It will show you what your website looks like on an iPhone and by answering a few simple questions it will give you a report on how iPhone-friendly it is. Give it a try!

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