January 6, 2011

Five must-have WordPress plugins

WordPress on its own is packed with features. At revive we use WordPress as a standard for our CMS websites. But when you combine the core software with some of the really awesome plugins available for FREE from the extend wordpress site you’ve got a wealth of features at your greedy little fingertips! Since these developers help us all out with great features I thought I’d give their plugins a plug… groan!

1) WP-DB-Backup

This plugin provides an on-demand backup of your WordPress database, including a scheduled backup by email if you like. Whatever you do, you have to backup your database regularly or you could lose everything! A plugin like this makes it easy.

2) Contact Form 7

Practically every website needs a contact form and this one is easy to set up and does everything you need by way of form validation. Highly recommended!

3) W3 Total Cache

Currently the most popular plugin out there because it speeds up the performance of your WordPress website. If you haven’t got it, go get it!

4) HeadSpace2 SEO

A popular alternative to All In One SEO, HeadSpace2 is our pick for an SEO plugin for WordPress. Some people think there is a bit of a learning curve if you are not familiar with the idea of SEO and meta tags, but I found it really easy to pick up. This plugin takes care of all the SEO work that your website will need, apart from the content of course – that’s your job!

5) Link to post

This might sound like a funny thing to add to the list, just one little button in your page editor that adds a link to another post on your website. But if you’ve tried linking to another page from within a page, you’ll know how bloomin’ awkward it is! This magic little button saves a world of hassle!

This is only a handful of the plugins we regularly use but I hope that’s inspired you to check out the wordpress extensions and get plugged in!


  1. Fantastic post, i use wordpress a lot and always use it as a CMS but you have just saved me time on a few pointers i

    never knew was so easy!

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