January 20, 2012

Why the upside down guy? Our business branding explained

What is the go with our upside down guy? Here is an insight into revive‘s own business branding.

Effective business branding is about telling your story, reflecting your core values and who you are. At revive we chose an image to use consistently across all our business branding including our website design, brochures, marketing collateral and social networking that does just that!

revive business branding

Our name is revive: it describes a positive change or renewing energy. In other words, we can help invigorate your brand and your business through our creative and strategic design. We chose the image of the upside down guy because we felt it projected our vibe and how we would like to be perceived.

First of all, the image was perfect because it uses our corporate image colours of lime green and chocolate brown! Not only that, we found that the contrast of the crisp white chair against the bright green wall gives the image a fresh vibrancy which reflects our fresh and creative approach to design.

This guy looks trendy and so does his chair! We push the boundaries of graphic design so that our projects are always fresh, modern and world class. The image also suggests movement. We strive to keep on top of the latest trends and the ever changing technology our industry revolves around. We strive to design on the edge and we have reinforced this by literally using a “cutting edge” paper tear effect at the bottom of the image.

Our upside down guy has a casual persona which reflects our own. We are experienced professionals but we don’t like to takes things too seriously! We strive to be the real deal, have a fair-go approach and have integrity in everything we do.

The image is adventurous and fun! We believe a friendly & fun attitude keeps the creative juices flowing, builds great business relationships and achieves superior results.

So why is he upside down?

Because he is perceiving the world from a different perspective! our tagline is “when perception matters”. Effective design provokes thoughts, influence attitudes and motivates action. It changes people’s perceptions about your business. We challenge our clients to look at their business branding from a customers perspective to ensure that they are being perceived in their best light.

As I have just demonstrated, at revive, our design is strategic. We design in a purposeful way with our clients objectives in mind and it is measurable!  We use our knowledge of design principles and experience to ensure that our designs tell our clients story, reflect who they truly are and give the right impression to the right people.


Whats your thoughts? What do you think of our upside down guy? Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear from you?

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