June 5, 2010

Our pledge for World Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day!

World Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5 June all over the world. Its a day when the world can come together to take action and create awareness for positive change for the environment. Communities get involved by organising events such as planting trees, parades, concerts, clean up work bees, recycling, competitions and more. Our pledge to go green! Revive is passionate about design and we are very conscious of the affects it can have on the environment. We realise that our industry is a major contributer to waste and that we have a responsibility. We are committed to seeking opportunities to use design to create positive change and to reduce our carbon footprint so much so that one of our core values is “Design with Conscience”.

In keeping with these values and in time for World Environment Day, Revive has taken a pledge with the “Design Can Change” initiative! The initiative helps designers make the environment more of a priority and provides ways to combat climate change and make a positve difference to the environment. The pledge is just a simple set of guidelines that helps us bring more sustainable practices to our studio. We are excited to take this step! We will be taking a closer look at our studio and will be creating our very own “fair go” policy. We will keep you informed!

What can you do? Take a closer look at your business and ask questions. Are there aspects of your business that you could change? How could you become more sustainable in your practice? If you have a chance, visit: It is a great source for information and research and has a useful resources section. For more information on World Environment day visit:

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